Infestation exploits any phobia you can think of – bugs, spiders, and snakes, just to name a few.   The experience will be different for each person, whether they fear the dark, close quarters, or maybe lions, tigers, and bears.  Oh no, we mean snakes, spiders, and roaches.  Hope you can you make it through.

Nights Stalkers

Fall is a time for harvest, but we won’t be harvesting corn, the night stalkers will be harvesting their favorite food… it’s you, good luck!

After several years of employment the local company laid off many loyal employees.

The loss of the jobs took on a bigger effect than originally thought. Past employees were unable to find other jobs and ultimately lost their homes and were without food or shelter.  That is until they inhabited the plant.  They now feast on visitors.

The Third Dimension
 The first of its kind in North Carolina, Stuartism art work is phenomena.  Prepare to put on your glasses and take a wild ride through the all-new dimension of horror. You’ll wonder if the walls are actually coming alive.

The Blood House
All new for 2009 is The Blood House.  As you enter be prepared to witness the most beautiful vampires you have ever seen, but don’t be fooled, there’s one thing that’s certain they’re out for your blood!


The Awakening
 As you try to make it though the old graveyard, you will witness an awaking of the Dead.  Spirits will begin to lurk around you waiting for you to be their next meal.


Horrorwood Cinema
 Step into the old abandoned theater, have some popcorn and enjoy the show. Did we mention you ARE the show? Walk into the screen and encounter some of your favorite horror movie icons.   Why just watch… Experience the terror first hand, but remember there are no second takes!!!


Blackbeard’s Revenge
 Arrggghhh!!! When Blackbeard’s ship was found, little did they know the horror that would be unleashed by disturbing its final resting place? Come face to face with Blackbeard and his crew of pirates. Step aboard his ship, but don’t steal his rum or treasure or ye may not make it back alive.

The Gold Mine
when gold was found they all thought they were going to be rich.  But greed caused a major accident.  It is true when they say, “money is the root of all evil”. This mine is now haunted by the evil dead…beware.

The Slaughter House
Once you turn the corner and see this house, be prepared for what lies within. Without a guide, you must continue on your own without disturbing the occupants that live there. All you will see is pain and suffering and smell death in the air. Try to find your way out…wait, there’s a big metal door, open it!!!!

Virus: watch out for the newly infected zombies you could be next